The following instructions are provided for new administrators, which cover the first tasks that are required to be completed when initially setting up the system.


The first thing you will need to do is set up a new unit within the system.

Members > Administration

Select the ‘UNITS’ tab (this should be open by default) 

Click on the green ‘NEW +’ button:

You can have multiple units, however be aware that for each individual unit you will need to set up:

  1. Permissions – set your membership types and who or what can be seen or modified
  2. Equipment – set up each equipment item relating to your new unit
  3. Shifts – standard shifts exist within CAS by default, so only update this area if you want to add or modify an existing shift type or create a new one
  4. Templates – create new templates specific for each unit
  5. Job Types – create new job types specific for each unit
  6. Lookups – create and modify new work units, objectives, types, colours, sounds, priorities and permissions

For more information on setting up new UNITS, click here


Once you have at least 1 unit setup, you will want to create a new crew.

Members > Crews

To create your crew, click on the green ‘NEW +’ button at the top left-hand side of the screen. Give your new crew a name, location, call-sign and leader before clicking ‘SAVE’.By default, the

member you set as ‘Crew Leader’ will be automatically added to the crew. You don’t need to assign a leader to create the crew however, as you may not have added new members into the system yet.

For more information on setting up new CREWS, click here


Next you will want to add in new members.

Settings > Members

Select the crew name that you wish to add members to, and click on the green ‘NEW +’ button at the top left-hand side of the screen.

You will need to enter in personal details like name, email and phone number, and assign a role and permission level for each new member.

Moving members around Crews

If you find that you have created a member in the wrong crew, simply go back to the ‘CREWS’ screen (Settings > Crews), expand the crew you’ve added them to and click on the blue ‘Assign’ circle button.

Members can belong to multiple crews – simply click the blue ‘Assign’ button and choose ‘ADD’ or ‘MOVE’.

For more information on managing MEMBERS, click here


Shifts are periods of time that members are required to work. Each shift may contain multiple jobs.

Shifts can be created from any of the following screens:

In each of the screens above, you are able to click on an empty table cell within the relevant ‘shift’ column and a popup will appear. Enter in all the information required for the shift and click ‘save’.

A shift can be a ‘once-off’ or be set from one of the shift templates.

For more information on creating new shifts, please choose from the following:


Jobs are individual tasks that make up a single ‘shift’. Shifts may have one single job assigned, or multiple jobs.

Jobs can be created from any of the following screens:

When creating a new job, you will have the option of just entering it into the system or also allocating it to a crew.

You also have the option of using an existing job that you may have entered previously.

For more information on creating new jobs, please choose from the following: