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Customising your Emails

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings' item in the main menu
  2. The 'Options' tab should be open by default
  3. Scroll down until you see the form items below:


Text Boxes Explained


The Subject and Body of the email may be customised.  These text boxes will not save empty values.  The Email Header, Body and Footer text boxes make up the body of the email.  


Please Note: If the text boxes (above) are blank, it means that the Default Email Template is currently in use. 

Select 'Restore Email Defaults' to populate the Default Email Template Settings into the text boxes and 'Save Email Format


' - this will save the Default Email Format as your existing Email Template.


Fields and Templates


Select 'Restore Email Defaults' to view the standard fields within the text boxes that are available. 

The Standard Fields are enclosed


with #{ }#



For example: #{SampleStandardFieldName}#


The data within the body of the email is grouped into Crew, Shift and Job.  These groups are designated by Templates and are enclosed with {{ }}, for example: {{SAMPLE_TEMPLATE}}.  They are placed before and after the fields within the group.


Test your Email Template

After you have made your required adjustments to the text, spacing and


field order, you'll want to test your template:

  1. Select Test Email Format to view your changes
  2. If your Test Email has not worked as planned, save any required changes to a Notepad file and select Restore Email Defaults to return to the default email format.
  3. After you are happy with your changes, select Save Email Format.  

The new Email Template has now been updated to the database.  Test out the new Email format


by selecting the 'Email' menu option when Right-Clicking a Job from within the Job Board.  This email option is only available on current or future job allocations.

Your current Email Template will appear when you return to Administration - Settings - Options.