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Install & Login

  1. Download CAS for your device
    (Click on the link below to visit the App Store)

    App Store
  2. After you have downloaded CAS onto your smartphone or tablet device, tap on the app icon to open the app

    When your administrator setup your membership, they created your username and password. Please contact your administrator to acquire your login information

  3. Use your username, email or phone number and password created to log into the app

    If you’ve forgotten your password or if you don’t know it, you can reset it using your email address.


The shifts screen is the first thing you will see when logging into CAS on a smartphone or tablet.

By default, you will see the ‘List View’.

To change to a ‘Calendar View’, tap on the small calendar icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

To change back to ‘Shift View’, tap on the small shift list icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

From either of the two views, you can tap on any shift to view more information along with a list of jobs within that shift.

From the detailed job view, you also have the option of requesting to change your shift.

Request a Shift Change

Any member who is scheduled to work a shift is able to request that it be changed.

  1. To request to change your shift, tap on the shift that you would like to change.
  2. You will see the job details screen
  3. Tap on the ‘Request My Shift Change’ option
  4. Select the type of shift that you would like to change to
  5. Select a time
  6. Select number of days
  7. Enter in your comment
  8. Tap ‘SAVE’

Notifications (general)

The notifications screen within CAS allows you to see a list of any changes that have been made to a shift that you’re scheduled for.

Acknowledging Notifications

When a new notification comes through, you are required to tap on the grey circle question mark button next to the notification to indicate that you’ve seen the update. Once pressed, you will see the grey circle change to a tick in a blue circle.

Commenting on Notifications

You are able to comment on any of the notifications that you receive, by tapping on it from within the app. By default, you will see a list of the ‘Responses’ that have been received from other members of your crew.

Tap on the ‘Comments’ toggle to see a list of the comments that have been made on that specific notification; by you or another team member.

Notifications for Administrators

If you are an admin, you will see an additional set of options when tapping on a ‘Shift Request’ notification. As admins are able to either ‘Accept‘ or ‘Decline‘ a shift request, there are two buttons that will allow you to do so from within the app.

Jobs List

The ‘Jobs List’ screen within the smartphone and tablet apps displays a complete list of jobs without the shift information.

You can tap each of the jobs to see a more detailed view, including things like name, date, location and equipment required.

To see the location of the job on an interactive map, tap the street address that’s displayed within the detailed job view.

Push Notifications

When enabled, your smartphone or tablet device will receive push notifications when a shift update is made, which affects you directly.

To ensure you’re not inundated with notifications every time an update is made to your roster, notifications are only sent out when a change is made to a shift that’s within a 2-day period.

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