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General Information

The resource allocation screen allows you to see at a glance, the jobs assigned to any given crew.

It makes it simple to:

  • Allocate a job
  • Remove a job allocation
  • Re-allocate job

Choose Date

Members have the ability to choose the specific date in which to view the Resource Allocation.

To set your date, click on the date drop-down at the top of the page.

A calendar will appear, allowing you to select the day you wish to view:

Create a Job

Jobs can be created directly from the Resource Allocation screen.

To create a job, scroll down the list of crews and choose the one that you would like to create a new job for. The Resource Allocation screen only displays one day per screen, so choose the date you wish to assign a job for with the ‘Date Picker’ at the top of the screen.

1. Click on any of the empty table cells (except under the ‘Shift’ column title; clicking here will allow you to create a new Shift)

2. A popup will appear with various input options

3. Enter in all the details required for the job:

  • Name

    Please Note: If the job already exists in the system, you will be able to select it from a list of jobs after entering in just a couple of letters.
    After selecting an existing job, all details will be automatically populated. If you wish to change any of the job details, click on the ‘Details’ tab at the top of the popup.

  • Shift Target
  • Code
  • Shift Location
  • Shift Objective*
  • Shift Support*
  • Shift Contact (name and phone number/s)
  • Comments

* When selecting these options, a drop-down list will appear. These options have been added into the system via:

Settings > Unit Administration

Modify a Job

Jobs can be modified directly from the Resource Allocation screen.

To modify a job, select one that has already been entered into the system (you can see which jobs have already been created, as the cell will be coloured and will contain the job name).

1. Click on the job that you would like to modify (make sure you click in any column except for the one titled ‘Shift’, as this will allow you to modify the shift information)

2. A popup will appear with the ‘Assign’ tab open by default

3. Edit any of the shift information as required

4. If you need to edit any of the actual job information, click on the ‘Details’ tab

5. To view the times where the job has already been assigned, click on the ‘History’ tab

6. When you’re finished editing the Job, click ‘Save’

Change Shift Details

To change specific details within a shift:

1. Choose a crew and click on the shift cell

2. A popup will appear with various input fields

3. Update the information you require:

  • Type
  • Start date
  • Time
  • Leader
  • 2IC
  • Log Keeper

Alternatively, you can click on the top ‘Template’ tab to set a new template and start date.

Export Data

The data in the Crew Planner table can be exported by using the pink options button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

When clicked, a drop-down will appear giving you the option of exporting the data on the page as a ‘PDF’.

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