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The following are common terms used within the CAS system and Knowledgebase:


Members logged in with ‘Admin‘ permissions are able to ‘Accept‘ or ‘Decline‘ shift requests.


All members are required to ‘Acknowledge‘ changes to their roster.


Android is an operating system developed by Google for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.


Apps are computer programs that can run on your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. They can also run through any device, including smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers and laptop computers with a web browser. There are two types of apps within CAS; the native mobile app and online web-based app.


Apple is a technology company which makes smart phones, tablets, computer and software. Their most popular products are the iPhone, iPad and iPod.


Apple’s online store where you can purchase and download apps for all apple devices including iPad and iPhone.


A ‘Crew‘ is a team that is made up of multiple ‘Members‘.


Members logged in with ‘Admin‘ permissions are able to ‘Accept‘ or ‘Decline‘ shift requests.


‘Equipment‘ is anything entered into the system to be used as a tool to help complete a ‘Job’.


A touch-screen ‘tablet’ device made by Apple, which will only run software approved by Apple and purchased through the iTunes store.


A touch-screen smartphone made by Apple which will only run software approved by Apple and purchased through the iTunes store.


A ‘Job‘ is a task that can be created within the system to achieve single or multiple tasks.


‘Leave‘ is a type of shift that specifies that the member is absent from work duties for a set period of time.


A ‘Member‘ is any person who has been entered into the system.


When you’re using a device such as a laptop or tablet, a menu is the list of options available for you to select and interact with. When you select a menu item, you will generally be taken to a set of new information. You can use menus to: navigate through device settings navigate through a website search for an app to download navigate through documents stored on your device.


A mobile device is any device you can use to wirelessly access an internet connection. Mobile devices either access wireless networks or access internet through the mobile phone data network. This includes tablets and smart phones.


There can be two types of ‘Notification’ within CAS:

Smartphone App ‘Push Notification’ – a message sent by the CAS app to notify members of any update that affects them directly.
Web App ‘Notification‘ – For regular members, notifications alert the user of any update that affects them. For admin users, notifications allow the user to see who has and hasn’t acknowledged an update.


A specific task to achieve as part of a ‘Job‘.


An area within both the smartphone and web applications, where you can enter in your own personal information.


A specific period of time, which can contain single or multiple ‘Jobs‘.


A web browser is a computer program on your device that allows you to access websites on the internet. Web browsers are free to download. The most popular web browers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.