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General Info

The Audit Logs screen displays a list of all changes made within CAS, as well as who made the change and when.

You can use the dropdown menu to filter through specific areas, including:

  • Shifts
  • Jobs
  • Units
  • Members
  • Crews

Set the Date Range

CAS allows superusers to set a date range in which to view the Audit Logs.

To set your dates:

1. Click the date drop-down at the top of the page

2. Choose a preset date range like ‘this week’ or ‘this month’, or alternatively use the calendar view to set a completely custom range

Export Data

The data in the Audit Logs table can be exported by using the pink options button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

When clicked, a drop-down will appear giving you the option of:

  • Copying the data to your clipboard
  • Saving the data in Excel format
  • Saving the data in CSV format
  • Saving the data as a PDF
  • Printing the data

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